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Who are we?

If you want to grasp the opportunities that digitisation has to offer, it is best to look for a good partner. After all, keeping abreast of the latest innovations is quite an investment. The Tech Tribes consultants can help you with that. They each have their own expertise with which they can take your company to a higher level. Together we develop digital solutions, give advice, and guide you in the transformation of your IT.

Tech Tribes consists of various companies that can help you in all phases of your digitalisation. We are strong in strategy, software development, DevOps, cloud computing, hybrid data centres, etc. Our consultants work according to the latest methods and technological insights.

By joining forces, the organisations under Tech Tribes can share the necessary knowledge and put together the best teams. Our clients' complex challenges require cross-technology teams that can switch quickly. The scale on which we operate allows us to always find the right solution.

Tech Tribes acquires an interest in Open Source expert, Kangaroot.

Tech Tribes is pleased to announce the welcome news in regard to our acquiring an interest in Kangaroot.

Tech Tribes is, for us, a home of digital experts. More concretely, the cluster of IT firms built around Axxes, Euricom and HCS. Each with their own expertise and culture, but bound by a shared vision and values. The bundling of commercial and operational forces is a strong win within the collaboration, but the greatest added value lies in the cross-pollinationof technological know-how and experience.Our clients' complex digital challenges require cross-technology teams that can respond quickly.

Today, we are working with 700 digital experts on the digital transformation for clients in Belgium and the Netherlands. We develop innovative solutions, provide advice and supervise transformations. We help our clients with IT strategy, software engineering and their hybrid platforms.

From Axxes, Euricom and HCS Company, a growing collaboration has been created which has strongly manifested in more added value. Today, Tech Tribes is proud to announce that we are welcoming a new tribe to our home of digital experts.
Kangaroot,, with much expertise in Open Source and Linux solutions, will join our group. Kangaroot has been the specialist in Linux and Open Source solutions since the year 2000, working out of Antwerp with 20 consultants on Open Source projects for such clients as Brussels Airport Company, THV, Bank Delen and Jan De Nul.

“After the sale of our data centre activities in 2021, it was a logical step to revamp our shareholdership within the organisation. In doing so, we listed a number of parameters that served as guidelines in our quest for a new partner: A local party, that already had an affinity for Open Source and respect for the existing culture were the most important elements. And we found that and much more at Tech Tribes,” says Peter Dens, Managing Partner Kangaroot. “The fact that we can now expedite our plans for growth within our group is the cherry on the cake.”

‘The binding factor of the group is the fact that we want to optimally serve our clients in their need for technological expertise. Every company that operates within Tech Tribes does so with a specific know-how and experience, but also with a strong people-oriented company culture. A DNA in which consultants are supervised and their professional growth is stimulated. Through Tech Tribes, it will be possible to expand our offering of technological expertise to our clients.’

Benjamin Goesaert, Managing Partner Tech Tribes

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Typical Tech Tribes

1. Digital expertise

Tech Tribes combines the strengths of different innovative consulting companies. This way we strengthen the IT of our clients:

  • Focus on relevant technologies that help you digitise
  • Innovative projects attract the greatest IT experts
  • As a knowledge company, we are always looking for the best solution for our clients
2. Culture is King

Technology may be groundbreaking, but without the people to implement it, you're nothing. That's why at Tech Tribes we focus on optimal cooperation - not only with the client, but also between the digital consultants themselves. We do this by building a challenging and pleasant workplace, where people with a passion for technology motivate and inspire each other. Together, we work on our clients' ambitious plans for the future.

Like-minded entrepreneurs find each other at Tech Tribes.

  • Companies retain their own DNA and operate independently of Tech Tribes
  • We provide an attractive 'Great Place to Work' culture. That way we can share initiatives and experiences.
3. Teaming up

Our companies work together and strengthen each other. By sharing knowledge, we can always deploy the strongest team and look for the best possible technological solution.

We can only achieve this goal through open collaboration across tribes. We learn from best practices and encourage entrepreneurship. Our decades of experience ensure that we can be a sounding board in various fields. Not only in terms of digitalisation, but also in terms of the business operations that accelerate the evolution of any organisation.


Getting to know

Axxes is a full-service consultancy organisation in the ICT sector. We provide flexible and qualitative technical project sourcing services in the area of software development, testing, system engineering and project management. More than 380 consultants make the difference every day at our clients' premises or in our offices in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. In everything we do, we ensure that we can place the right person on the right project, because IT is all about the people!


Don't settle. We have an average organic growth of 26%, year after year. That doesn't just happen. It is the result of happy employees and satisfied clients. They also reap the benefits of our growth, while the services of Axxes expand and professionalise.

Our vision? Challenge yourself. Try to do better than what is usual, because your urge to improve leads the growth of Axxes.


Commit to Excellence. At Axxes, we recruit consultants based on diploma and experience, but above all on personality. They are fully focused on our clients and are driven by quality. We support this passion for their field with the Competence Centres and Axxes Academy, so that they can obtain even more knowledge and certificates within their field of expertise.

Focus on quality, in everything you do and deliver.

Feel good

Culture is a priority For us, 'Feel Good' means more than effort versus relaxation. Besides events, team activities and informal contact moments, the basis must also be right: everything starts with the right projects, training and follow-up. Because happy consultants are better consultants, that much is certain.

Experience pleasure and friendship in your work: before, during and after.

Euricom, founded in 1999, is a consultancy company with tons of experience in software development. We develop custom software with .NET and JavaScript technologies for and with the client. Our developers support your team and work out your projects. In everything we do, quality and simplicity are key.

Clear Language

We speak the language of the client and the developer. Because we have a technical background ourselves, we can quickly determine how we can best help you. For example, we regularly organise workshops at the client's site, during which we create clarity together with our domain experts. By doing so, we save valuable time, which we can put into developing a high-quality end result. Sincerity and a good dose of common sense are the proverbial icing on the cake to describe our cooperation with clients.


When we say we strive for "quality", it means several things. We set high standards for our code, the development process, project delivery and team collaboration. In everything we do, we apply coding and design principles according to the rules of the art. At the same time, we strive for simplicity and look for an appropriate development process to deliver a project on time and within budget.

Euricom employs people, not resources. A good dose of personal and social skills are therefore indispensable for our developers and business consultants.

HCS Company is an Amsterdam-based IT company with a strong focus on open source and Red Hat technology. Our fifty consultants go for evolutions, not revolutions. We do this by building a bridge between existing systems and modern, flexible IT.

We believe that innovative technology can also be fun and simple. Our consultants do not follow a fixed plan, but adapt processes, culture and technology at crucial points.

Everyone in their power

People make the difference. Because we invest a lot in our team, everyone enjoys working here - and you notice that. That's because we put our professional knowledge to work, turn the craziest ideas into reality and create a pleasant, ambitious working environment. Growth is not the goal, being the best is. As long as we can all enjoy "beer and steak" at Loetje, we are on track.

Open Technology

There are no words that can describe our love for open source technology. We therefore actively participate in the community and give back our knowledge and skills. That way, not only we, but everyone benefits! Our consultants are proud tech-freaks, geeks and nerds who are always coming up with solutions based on the latest technologies. Together with you, we look for the answer to the next complex challenge. Challenge us!

A diverse team

Complex problems cannot be solved alone. A good IT team is attuned to each other and requires different personalities, approaches and a wide range of knowledge and skills. We co-source, which means that we prefer to form a diverse team together with our clients' people. Our consultants know how to do things, how to plan, how to overcome difficulties and how to value the contribution of others. Do you have the challenge? Then we have the team.

Fair play

We have solid values that we consider important. They are at the heart of everything we do. When faced with adversity, we don't run away, but come to you. That's what's fair, transparent and reliable. When necessary, we will always tell it like it is. By giving our unvarnished opinion and advice, we create an atmosphere where you can communicate openly. We share the responsibility of a project. In good times and bad, we guarantee the result.

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